New Online Shopping Standard From China (BBO) is an online retail shopping site, owned and powered by Romano Projects Limited, and is going be a New Standard For Online Shopping From China.
As the brain behind this brand new site, Romano Projects is a registered company based in China (Business Registration No. : 91440101322249570X).
2009, Mr. Azran, the founder of Romano Projects Limited, came to China and started to explore the online industry.
Since 2013, Mr. Azran, started to see the potential of eCommerce market of China. Yet meanwhile he saw the drawbacks of this industry: high price but without quality guarantee, shops represented by irresponsible agencies, lousy customer service from far beyond,bad logistics service, and more..
So he led the team and developed the goal to change the situation. And the BBO is created under such resolution.
BBO is created for new generation of online shoppers with new standard for product quality, shopping experience and services, based on which, we determine to create a new environment for online shopping from China. Our vision is to change how you think about products from China with, and make a NEW STANDARD for eCommerce shopping from China.
How can we change you ask?
Well from the beginning, we select our product suppliers very carefully with a specific team. This team will visit our supplier factory for quality inspections, to make sure that our products are finished with high standard so they are good enough for you. Personally our staff will try on our products to test the quality. By handling these items by First Hand, we can monitor and ensure the quality of our product very easily.
In the aspect of logistics, we have compared among enough logistics service, and chose the most suitable for us to achieve our goal of ‘Delivery With 15 Business Days’. All the orders are packed and sent out directly from our warehouse, and are monitored until they are delivered to your hands.
As for the pre-sale and after-sales service, we have built up a professional team to answer your needs meticulously before and after your purchase, so as to ensure that you buy exactly the item that you want and need.
In the near future, we will also have extra services to fit your needs as to show the products in detail for your better observation of the items that you are buying, which is called THE BEST FIT. We will make every effort to make sure that YOUR experience with us will be Brand New and perfect.
Of course we will keep working hard and never stop pushing forward, to live out what we believe in. We believe that we can really make a difference!