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Children Fruit Flavor Anti-cavity Mousse Toothpaste

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Stain Remover Mint Toothpaste

Pressed baking soda whitening mousse

Whitening Ultra-Fine Mousse Foam Toothpaste Baking Soda Teeth Deep Clean Hygiene Stain Removal Fight Bleeding GumsOral Care
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Whitening Ultra-Fine Mousse Foam Toothpaste Baking Soda Teeth Deep Clean Hygiene Stain Removal Fight Bleeding Gums Oral Care


  1. Whitening Teeth: Ultra-fine foam can effectively clean and dissolve tooth stains, whiten teeth, provide fresh breath and healthier gums.
  2. Removal of Tooth Stains: The powerful cleaning power of baking soda toothpaste can penetrate into the crevices of tooth enamel and remove food residues stored there.
  3. Decompose Pigments: Tongue cleaners, plant extracts help decompose the pigmentation on the surfaceof the teeth, prevent the pigmentation, and make your teeth no longer yellow.
  4. Safe Whitening: Teeth whitening, remove stains while brushing your teeth, and whiten your teeth. Toothpaste is made of plant extracts, which can perfectly act on the surfaceof your teeth to make it glow!
  5. Foam Whitening: For white teeth, just spray a little foam on the toothbrush and brush your teeth as usual. Smile longer and radiant.



  1. Our unique ultra-fine foam can effectively clean and dissolve deep tooth stains caused by coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes. The powerful cleaning power of baking soda can penetrate the gaps of tooth enamel, whiten teeth, freshen breath, and make gums healthier!
  2. Our toothpaste is easy to use, just apply a layer of clean mousse on the toothbrush or teeth, and then brush your teeth as usual, you can easily have a white tooth.
  3. Our plant-derived cleansing foam toothpaste refreshes the breath, nourishes the mouth, perfectly fits the surfaceof the teeth, and gives the teeth a new look.



  1. Keep the product in a dry cool place.
  2. Any skinful discomfort occurs, please stop further use.

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