Quality Service

To create a new standard for online shopping from China, we understand that it is critical to provide a quality service to achieve high degree of customer satisfaction. To reach our goal of this, we have made every effort only to make you satisfied with BBO.

Guaranteed Quality Products

The most important thing for customer experience is the product. We are the first hand to handle all our selling items, so that we can monitor and ensure the quality of our product very easily. We set us a specific team just for this. This team’s job is to go around and visit potential suppliers from all around China, comparing and selecting the products with every attention in the details such as the material, quality, texture, design, even the seamlines. We also send out our products to people to test the quality and get feedback from them about our products. And personally our staff will try on our products to test the quality.

Premium Customer Service

Our customer service team is comprised of individuals with full knowledge of our products and services, so whenever you need us, we will be there for you. We strive to deliver a customer service that cater your specific needs of all kinds. You won’t be alone.

Money Back Guarantee

We are dedicated to provide the best product for you. But if you are not completely satisfied with your order and want a refund, we guarantee that you will get your money back 100%.

Fast Door To Door Delivery

We promise to process your order in a timely manner, and make sure that you receive it at your house within 7-15 business days.